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We are cosmic beings. We are older than time. There are deeply-rooted codes within us that unite us: codes composed of energy and vibrations. My goal is to penetrate them and steal their content.

Philosophy is the investigation of existence aimed toward human perfection.


When we are born, we are very crude and spontaneous. Our attitude and vitality resemble the patterns of nature and the rest of the organic world. Therefore, we resonate in harmony with the universe.


As we grow, impositions of social structures, among other factors, dim our most pure consciences. Frequently we forget and grow apart from our essence and stop relating with all of our energies and emotions. We stop recognizing that we are multi-faceted beings capable of experiencing the whole spectrum of feelings and attitudes. We tend to be stuck in a very small range of these. Often we don’t even permit ourselves to try to understand the few emotions we do feel.  We do not ask ourselves how each of our qualities is composed at its level of frequency and vibrations. If we did, we would be in contact with ourselves: in touch with the infinity of patterns that we are and that compose us. This would permit us to know ourselves much closer and find newly our spontaneity and original “crudeness”. We would allow ourselves to simply be. Be and exist daringly and authentically: just like the rest of nature.

My work is a search that deciphers each one of our human aspects. It is a personal process that has as a secondary effect the pictorial product. I interpret each facet of my existence from its veins to its nebulous figuration and each hue of its surface.


The process is as valid as the result. Each piece is a recovery of forgotten consciences. Constantly I find myself in an ancient phase in which my childish freshness had not suffered the weight of artificial and social parameters.

When reading the work, the public should consider its procedural aesthetic and seek to experience it from an energetic level and match the frequencies of the piece.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ilan Dana